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Levin: It’s time to break ‘enemy’ China’s back over North Korea

Conservative Review

Upon reports that the North Korean regime, once again seeking to provoke chaos in the world, fired a ballistic missile that passed over Japanese airspace Monday, Mark Levin said it was time for serious action by the U.S.

“How long can these countries — Japan, South Korea, our country, at some point — live with this nuclear sword of Damocles, if you will, hanging over us and hanging over them?” said Conservative Review's editor-in-chief on "The Mark Levin Show."

“I really, really think it’s time to break China’s back financially,” Levin said, emphatically declaring that “China is an enemy. Perhaps our biggest enemy.”

China is undoubtedly the key to dismantling North Korea, and despite its seat on the UN Security Council, it has demonstrated to be serious trouble on the international stage.

“Does anyone have a better idea?” Levin asked rhetorically, with regard to a more forceful economic and military strategy on China.

Diplomatic niceties and “strategic patience” didn’t work with North Korea back in 1994, and it doesn’t seem to be working now. It’s time to try something new.

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