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Obama admin to open federal jobs to criminals

While everyone is transfixed by the crescendo of the presidential primary this week, the national effort to roll back law and order and promote jailbreak is quietly gaining steam.  The Gang of Jailbreak announced its “compromise” legislation on Thursday while everyone was focused on presidential politics.  Either the House or Senate might move on this legislation as early as this month when Congress returns from a brief recess.

Meanwhile, the crime lobby across America – at every level of local government – is pushing to mainstream criminals.  Although proponents of jailbreak cannot publicly admit they desire to abolish our entire criminal justice system, opting for misleading talking points limiting their agenda to “non-violent drug offenses,” the legislation is really a reflection of a broader acceptance of criminals in all institutions of power across the country.

Over the weekend, Reuters reported that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is considering a rule that would remove any question regarding criminal history from job applications for federal positions.  This has been a long sought agenda item of the crime lobby – “ban the box,” as it is known in their circles – and has been promoted at many levels of state and local government.  According to Beth Cobert, the Acting Director of OPM, ditching criminal history as a factor in federal job hiring would have affected 100,000 individuals who applied for federal employment last year.

Not surprisingly, this new executive action is coinciding with a nationwide effort to “ban the box” for college admissions, as reported in a lengthy piece by The Atlantic on Friday.  And it comes on the heels of a HUD regulation limiting the ability of landowners to use criminal history as a criterion to deny rentals to potentially dangerous tenants.

Clearly, this is part of a systemic effort to mainstream all sorts of criminals, not just “non-violent drug offenders.”  While some credulous conservatives and libertarians have been allured aboard the “criminal justice reform” gravy train under this false pretense, the expungement of all criminal records for federal jobs, college admissions and rentals demonstrates that the far-left is finally succeeding in mainstreaming their radical pro-criminal agenda.

The barring of criminal checks for college admissions is a particular case study in hypocrisy among liberals.   How can they credibly make the case that sexual assault on college campuses is ubiquitous while simultaneously insisting that students, faculty and staff don't need to be screened for criminal history – any criminal history?

Yet instead of fighting this dangerous agenda, Senate GOP leaders, led by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), have launched a new pro-jailbreak organization, the Conservatives for Safety & Opportunity, led by Rob Jesmer and Brian Walsh, the two infamous pro-amnesty shills who consistently attack grassroots conservatives.  Just as Jesmer worked with Mark Zuckerberg at FWD to hoodwink conservatives into supporting amnesty, he is now working to countermand a half century of conservative success on law and order and promote jailbreak.  The RNC has already adopted a pro-Jailbreak resolution.

Sadly, so many “conservative” policy thinkers have been so tantalized by the prospect of reforming over-criminalization of regulatory crimes – something not even included in this deal – that they are willing to sign onto anything called “criminal justice reform,” even if it helps the far-left socially engineer our society into accepting violent criminals, creating hundreds of thousands of new Democrat voters, and resurrecting the pre- 90s era of endless crime.

In our inexorable march towards a politically correct social utopia, criminals – including violent ones – have just become the latest protected class.  And there is not one iota of opposition within the political class of either party.

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