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Republicans blame the president, but THIS is why they’ll lose

Conservative Review

Some Republicans are considering abandoning Trump over unsourced media accounts. They are piling on to the Democrat strategy of weakening the president using words such as “incompetent,” that his “incessant recurring missteps” are “deeply disturbing” and “very troubling,” causing a “downward spiral,” and claiming the party members are “fatigued.”

Their number one beef? That he is not navigating the D.C. boiler of constant criticism and therefore is threatening party gains in 2018.

But they have their cause and effect screwed up. First of all, though D.C. may be percolating with media leaks creating chaos, most voters are not as squishy as Republican skeptics are. Skeptics’ worries about the controversies caused mainly by the press are definitely second to the betrayals of the Republican Congress and the campaign promises made by Trump that have seemingly been broken only four months into the presidency.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Republican strategists believe they have resigned themselves to the constant tweeting and other uncomfortable aspects of the president's personal style, but worry perceptions of foreign policy incompetence could cost them much needed support.”

But what really will cost them support is the $1.2 trillion budget, the refusal to repeal Obamacare, the betrayal of Israel in favor of Palestinian treachery, and the refusal to fund the wall.

If Republicans in Congress begin to fear that that's what's happening, they'll abandon Trump on Capitol Hill, GOP sources say. This will deprive him of the legislative wins he needs to maintain his strength with soft Republicans and independents.

Just an observation here, but “soft Republicans” is redundant.

More from the Washington Examiner: “An adviser to a Republican being recruited for a marquee congressional race in 2018 said the president's behavior was concerning. ‘I'd be a fool if I said it wasn't causing us at least a little heartburn,’ this individual said. ‘I mean, seriously, when is this shit going to stop?’"

It’s not going to stop. When will Republicans get a clue that the Democrats and the media are out to destroy this president and the entire party? Experience proves they won’t, and not only are they once again missing the reasons why they will have a tough time in 2018, they are riding piggy-back with their “friends across the aisle.”

Anonymous sources say that Trump is giving away secrets, is thoroughly incompetent, and that he fired Comey because the of Russian connection investigation. But anonymous sources in the Republican Party are buying into the media feeding frenzy because they do not want to stray too far from tagging along with the Democrat Party’s agenda. As always, when Republicans are in charge, they still recognize Democrats as the leaders.

So while there is smoke coming from the D.C. pit, Republicans run to the press to say they aren’t saying anything, but they gotta say something. The incompetence of the party to maintain its own gains has begun to play out, complete with fake scandals and time-honored sanctimony.

The American people rejected the Democrats over and over again in the past decade, but the fact is that the Democrats now have enthusiasm on their side that the Republicans lack, not because of media games, but because the Republicans, and Trump as well, have not produced what they promised they would.

A Republican lobbyist who is actively raising money for the party said the complaints have been piling up from donors. They don't think that the problem is media persecution or Democratic obstruction, they think the problem is the president.

How convenient. It is as if the candidates for office in 2018 have only the president to elect them. If the president doesn’t stop the media from blaming him for the sun rising and setting, Republicans can’t possibly win. This Republican media buzz is their first entry into the strategy notebook on preparing to lose.

Other than the Washington Examiner, whose only congressional source for their dour report is liberal Tuesday Group leader Charlie Dent, The Hill also has a similar story with quotes from lawmakers on their nervousness surrounding the Trump media frenzy, citing people like John McCain, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, and other liberal Republicans.

But I must note a completely different take at the Washington Times, titled, “GOP lawmakers hold fire against Trump — at least for now.” In it, the Times concludes that “most Republicans aren’t ready to renounce the president.” And who, according to the Times, is speaking for “most Republicans?” It is Trump’s main rival from the primary Senator Ted Cruz who said, “It is premature to come to a conclusion based on media reports built on anonymous sources,” and “It is only prudent to understand the full facts and circumstances and context before leaping to conclusions.”

So while RINO Republicans are piling on Trump for their own collusion with the Democrat Party on nearly every issue, it seems that only conservatives like Ted Cruz speak for most of America. Trump should take note of this. Most Americans can see the media’s treachery and don’t jump to conclusions. They can also see he’s headed down the wrong path, not by being controversial nor by tweeting or anything of the sort. The American people heard Trump say that he would never let them down, yet he has — with Obamacare, with the budget, with the wall, with DACA, and most recently with Israel.

Unless Trump does a complete 180, removes all Obama holdovers, and surrounds himself with conservatives who, by the way, are used to being treated poorly by the media, Democrats (but I repeat myself), and RINOs, yet fight like the workhorses they are, Trump will not be able to make America great again. He needs to understand that the people will support his agenda — when and if he decides to remember what it was.

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