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Sheriff Scott Israel: The unintentional champion of the Second Amendment

Conservative Review

I called for a real discussion about guns over a week ago in the pages of USA Today, knowing full well that the issue is prone in the extreme to intellectual fakery. And here we are now, being lectured on every television channel by a teenager named David Hogg who, having survived the onslaught of the Florida shooter, is now simply regurgitating all the same old partisan talking points we've heard before.

The leftist press is trying to pull the wool over our weary eyes with this cherubic agitprop. Maybe, just maybe, such a change of messenger from the typically loathsome and uninformed media hack could have worked, were it not for the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. Instead, no mass shooting in America has had such a clarifying voice in the equation, regardless of how dysfunctional and frustrating Sheriff Scott Israel’s voice may be.

But therein lies his unintentional power of persuasion. Because on the Second Amendment, Israel is like the Ten Commandments when it comes to getting real about what to do about guns.

There are enemies, both foreign and domestic, that the Second Amendment was originally designed to safeguard against. Israel and his self-described “amazing leadership” are a poster child for those enemies, domestic. Letting young Mr. Hogg distract us from that will mean our culture collectively fails yet another civics test.

Israel is such a danger that nearly every Republican in the Florida House of Representatives signed a letter Sunday calling on the state’s governor to suspend him, by his constitutional authority, for Israel's “neglect of duty,” “incompetence,” and “malfeasance,” among other reasons.

Excellent. But now a troubling, yet necessary, question.

What if the sins of the sheriff in question weren’t so obvious to the masses? What if a law enforcement officer who would so brazenly mislead the public at CNN’s town hall event and then refuse to take responsibility for his department’s failures over many months was suddenly directing his malicious bravado at you?

Doesn’t the hubris on display in broad daylight give you pause about what such a man might do — a man who seemingly doesn’t feel compelled to answer to anyone — when far fewer eyes were upon him? These moments reveal character and integrity — and their lack. Thus, something tells me that if we peeled away a few more layers of Israel's onion, we would shed further tears over what we found.

It is clear, following what happened in Florida, that we need to arm ourselves, if for no other reason than that depending on cowardly sheriffs for protection is an unacceptable game of chance. But we need to arm ourselves every bit as much to defend ourselves against the likes of Israel and the potential fallout from his arrogant disregard for the public good.

Law enforcement needs to know that if it becomes a law unto itself, there is an armed citizenry out there to draw a line in the sand. That isn’t a comfortable truth to swallow, but swallow it whole we must if we want to remain a truly free people. Just ask those first minutemen at Lexington and Concord. For if Sheriff Israel is willing to go on national television and threaten your God-given right to self-defense, knowing full well the backstory of what truly happened there and why, then he cannot be trusted with any of your God-given rights.

The ease with which “We, the people” have proclaimed nonsense over the years like “the courts have spoken” or “only the police should have guns” is the stuff of a usurper’s paradise. Many fine stories have already been written about what a failure Israel has been, and justice most certainly should be served by removing him from office. None of that ultimately serves as a proper defense of the Second Amendment, though.

A law enforcement agency led by such a man as Israel is, sooner or later, bound to become a threat. Look at the officers in Florida under his command, who refused to defend children under threat when the need to do so was obvious. The fish always rots from the head. The cowardice of his officer(s), who were armed yet did nothing while children were being murdered in cold blood, is sadly the fulfillment of the kind of cowardly leadership shown by Israel himself.

And whether you're threatened by tyrants abroad or such cowards at home, thank God for the right to keep and bear arms.

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