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The real tragedy of human-caused climate change theories is not environmental

Conservative Review

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur read an article in the New Yorker about the devastating effect California’s wildfires have had due to climate change and proclaimed,

I read that New Yorker article today, and I thought, “Gosh, how pointless is my life and how pointless are the decisions that I’m making on a day-to-day basis, when we are not focused on climate change every day, when it’s not leading every one of our newscasts?”

That’s not funny and not to be ridiculed. It’s sad. It’s sad because it appears she has been trained to say that ridiculous thing through deceit and pressure.

People opposed to the theory of anthropogenic global warming often say that the climate change theorist is an idiot, a nut, or a useful pawn in the worldwide attempt to convince Americans to give up their wealth. They think, “What about the facts that are everywhere that disprove their theory?” “What about the fact that a theory isn’t a fact?” “What about the attempt to silence people as ‘deniers’ of a theory?” “What about the other side of the argument?” But there is no other side to the question according to the theorists. To me, it is a scary thing to understand that people have been convinced of a theory so completely that the angry mob demands that you embrace it as fact, shattering the very point of a theory in the first place.

Heck, the pope is convinced. He’s not only convinced, but he’s got Catholic churches all over the world preaching climate change from the pulpit as if it were fact. That’s a scary thing when you realize it’s not a fact. After all, if the answer to climate change is high taxation of the American people, you’d think of it as it should be thought of, extortion of the production of wealth from a nation built for the freedom of the individual. It is a man-destroying idea. It is an idea put forth solely to demand tyranny.

Tur’s lament that we just aren’t doing enough about the climate and that it makes her life pointless is the result of a coordinated tax-the-rich political scheme. It’s not fact.

Anthropogenic global warming has been debunked, yet this MSNBC television employee believes her life is pointless unless we all just give up more of our freedoms and our wealth and work for free, because somehow more money given to government will change the climate.

One can infer that Tur feels that her life would have more meaning if she reported on climate change more. In her trained mind, perhaps that would raise awareness of the subject and maybe move the mobs to demand higher taxation and economic stagnation. Then and only then would her life have meaning.

Katy recently told the world she’s pregnant with her first child. With leading climate alarmists stating that bringing a child into this world will only burden the rest of us when dealing with climate change, I’d like Katy to know that many of us welcome the fact that she is bringing a child into this world, even though she just described it as pointless. I would suggest that her feelings of pointlessness and alarm are products of deceit and that she will find purpose in the thrilling and overwhelming love of a child.

And when that child grows up and goes out into the world to work, we do not wish the product of his labor be taken away and given to the iron fist of government. We do not wish that he be subject to tyranny because of a coordinated lie. We do not want him to have to experience the type of shaming that trains people to repeat lies as facts or to have his life made harder by the imposition of a theory as a fact.

Instead, we would encourage him to question authority, faulty arguments, and theories held up as fact and arm himself with knowledge, wisdom; and history; to grab hold of life and get as much out of it as his open mind can produce.

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