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Virginia Democrat releases WORST campaign ad you will EVER see

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This is ... this is just … there’s nothing I can write that will prepare you for what will undoubtedly be the worst campaign advertisement you’ve ever seen.

Meet Dan Helmer. He’s a Democrat running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th district against Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock. He just released this new campaign ad, and I made it 14 seconds before I had to turn it off.

Can you do better?

My editor said I had to watch the whole thing if I wanted to write about it, so, let’s discuss.

Everything is wrong with this vid. The cheesy “Top Gun” rip-off in the beginning. The “Veteran” t-shirt that lets you know, “Hey, this guy is a veteran!” Because, apparently, there was no subtler way to tell people that. 

And then there’s the atmosphere. This guy pulls up on a motorcycle to a driving, crunchy guitar riff and walks into a bar. What a badass.

Then Mr. Badass Democrat breaks into off-key sing-song. “Cringe-worthy” is an understatement.

Everything you need to know about this ad can be summed up by the first YouTube comment from Ipayne5001: “Yo bro there’s still time to remove this before anyone sees it.”

It’s too late, Ipayne5001. We’ve seen it, and we can’t go back.

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