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WTF MSM!? CNN's lobbyist for the Left gets OWNED

Conservative Review

Alternative fact-free zone …

Votes are votes … The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan Last tried to discredit the Conservative Review Liberty Score, and through it, Mark Levin. It was a laughable attempt. I took apart Last’s arguments piece by piece earlier today at Conservative Review.

Definer or advocator? … The folks at Dictionary.com jumped into the debate over affirmative action in response to a piece in the NYTs yesterday. They took the time to push a liberal narrative over just a basic definition. Yes, apparently left-wing bias has even seeped into the dictionary. Here’s the tweet.

Should white men vote? … Affinity Magazine, a magazine by teen SJWs for teen SJWs, asks what they think is a most pressing question. “Do white men really deserve to vote? The same people who brought us Trump.”

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