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Boeing 787 Test Pilot Draws Company Logo In the 'Sky' -- See How


"It wasn't just a joy ride."

(Image: FlightAware)

If you were a pilot conducting hours of test flights across the country, you'd probably have some fun with it, right? One pilot testing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner danced a crude Boeing logo across the sky in its flight pattern.

According to FlightAware, the flight took 19 hours to complete. And Jalopnik describes the handiwork as the pilot using an "Etch-A-Sketch" on the American Northwest.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports there is more to the design than meets the eye:

Boeing’s goal for the flight was not just to make a cool design in the sky, but to also put the GEnx-1B engines to the test. From Randy Tinseth, vice president, marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, stated this morning on his blog, “[It wasn't just a joy ride.] It was an 18 hour Maximum ETOPS (Extended Operations) Duration flight test for a 787-8 with GE engines. Our team coordinated with the many air traffic control centers, choosing the routing to avoid restricted airspace. In the end, the flight covered over 9,000 nautical miles.”

Jalopnik also points out that Boeing's flight crew is notorious for sky writing. Last year they wrote "747" across western United States.

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