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Bob Schieffer reminds GOP candidates to 'shuck that tamale

CBS News

"Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer is 75. So, he's old. That means he's seen a lot of presidential campaigns. The ups and the downs.

On his Sunday broadcast, Schieffer offered this piece of pertinent advice to the GOP presidential candidates so that they might avoid a potential trap when they move their campaigns to Texas:

First, they may call 'em "cheesy grits" in Mississippi (as Governor Romney referred to them), but in Texas they call 'em cheese grits. Like cheese burgers. Nobody says cheesy burgers. Same with grits.

Second, Texans love Mexican food, and someone is bound to offer you candidates a tamale. They're great, but remember - they're wrapped in a corn husk. It's called a shuck. You take it off before you take a bite.

During the '76 campaign someone gave President Ford a tamale - right in front of the Alamo. He didn't know about the shuck and took a big bite, shuck and all. Nearly choked! No one remembered anything else about the day.

So just remember, shuck that tamale, THEN eat it. You're going to really like tamales!

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