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Want to Know 'Who Got it Right' and Who Got it Terribly Wrong When it Comes to the Muslim Brotherhood?


"Listen to those with a record of being right... and to your own gut."

Islamist Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi

Those familiar with GBTV and The Blaze likely know that Glenn Beck and his network were among the first to accurately predict the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power in Egypt, as well as outline its sinister plans to establish an Islamic caliphate in the country, and ultimately, beyond. While even self-proclaimed conservatives like David Brooks and Bill Kristol scoffed at the notion -- at one point even referring to Beck's ideas as "wacky" -- there are several others who somehow saw the Islamic group's true colors early on.

Beck and his team warned that Muslim extremists would takeover in much the same way they did in 1979 and that, despite being mocked and called "crazy," that is indeed what has happened.

During his Monday evening broadcast, Beck credited those who "got it right" about the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as cautioned viewers to reconsider listening to the ones who got it terribly "wrong." He urged people to be careful, and listen to those who have a track record of making accurate predictions. Below is a review of just some of those people.

They "got it right"

David Horowitzpresident of the Freedom Center which bears his

name, along with editors at his publication, FrontPageMag, have been frequent, outspoken critics of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Horowitz has called "the fountainhead of political Islam and has spawned 12 terrorist armies including al-Qaeda and Hamas is a political force in Egypt that is also willing to participate in elections and in the civil institutions of society."

"The Holy Land Foundation, a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood was the largest Islamic charity in America until it was raided by the FBI and put on trial in Texas for funding Hamas," Horowitz said during a 2011 speech at CPAC. He has also shed light on the fact that seized Muslim Brotherhood documents specifically stated its goal was to "destroy" American civilization.

Erick Stakelbeck, a contributor for CBN and regular GBTV contributor, Stakelbeck has long cautioned against the pervasive reach of the Muslim Brotherhood and the group's political aspirations. A part of Glenn Beck's in-depth documentary, "Rumors of War III," Stakelbeck has shared with readers and viewers alike, his view that the Brotherhood has no other agenda than to bring about an Islamic caliphate Egypt. He is also author of the book, "The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat," which details how the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the federal government.


General William Boykin, a founding member of Delta Force and another frequent guest on the Glenn Beck Program brought his decades of expertise to bear when he told Beck that Islamist groups -- particularly the Muslim Brotherhood -- have had access to American lawmakers since the Clinton administration. Gen. Boykin has faulted the Obama administration for "enhancing" this access even further. Boykin understands that the Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella organization that is parent to Hamas and other militant groups whose ultimate goal is to establish a global caliphate. He has said that the group’s 1400 year theology is one that is incomprehensible to most people and that we as a nation “have yet to come to grips” with it.

John Bolton, diplomat and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has been consistent in warning Americans about the dangers of a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government in Egypt. He cautioned, "we are not on the verge of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius in Egypt if only the demonstrators get their way." In this "very complex, very fast moving situation," he explained that the interests of the U.S. in Egypt are indeed "critical." He also claims that if the Brotherhood installs an Islamic regime in Egypt, "in control of the Suez Canal, one can only wonder what will happen in the oil rich kingdoms of the Arabian peninsula. So there's a lot that rides on the outcome of this that will have a direct impact on America's economy and  America's security."

Andrew McCarthy, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and author of  “The Grand Jihad,” has frequently outlined the dangers of Islamism, while educating the public on the mindset, history and culture of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also maintains that the Obama administration has not sufficiently addressed or acknowledged the negative ramifications of a Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt.

“President Obama does not seem to see the problem,” a voice-over narrates in McCarthy's newly released short film. ”The Obama policy of courting the Muslim Brotherhood has not changed the Brothers. It has empowered them to advance their anti-American program.”

Frank Gaffney is founder of the Center for Security Policy, frequent GBTV guest and creator of a multi-part educational series, "The Muslim Brotherhood in America," which gives users a comprehensive background in the Islamic group. He has been active in educating the public and lawmakers alike about the threats of the Muslim Brotherhood and how it has infiltrated American government.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), said that the Brotherhood’s victory "needs to serve as a clarion call for the United States and the West that the passive laissez faire approach to diplomacy in the region will result in countries with governments that are diametrically opposed to western freedom."

In a statement, Dr. Jasser added that the "chaos" is a direct result of the "unwillingness of the Obama Administration to engage in a proactive manner."  Thus, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Ennahda in Tunisia and the Islamists in Libya are "able to commandeer a new Middle-East with no ideological battle against the freedom that the people really want."

Fox contributor and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, along with Muslim liberal political activist Tarek Fatah also accurately identified the Muslim Brotherhood threat and shared their concerns with viewers and readers across North America. Likewise, it is perhaps also worth noting that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney saw the Brotherhood's true colors early on

Getting it wrong 

Bill Kristol, managing editor of the Weekly Standard and typically one who lands on the conservative side of the aisle, blasted conservatives over their Muslim Brotherhood "hysteria" and called out Beck on what Kristol alleges was a "delusional caliphate theory."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Jim Lehrer, New York Times columnist David Brooks also mocked Beck for his predictions regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, stating that there was "an interesting split among the Glenn Beck types, really with delusional ravings about the caliphate coming back, and I would say the conservative establishment, which saw this as a fulfillment of Ronald Reagan's democracy dream." He added that, that interesting split included fights between Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck over Kristol's perception that Beck was "raving" about the non-existent threat of a Muslim fundamentalist takeover.

"You began to see a lot of really serious conservatives taking on Beck and people like that, and saying, you know, your theories are just wacky," concluded Brooks.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has never been too shy when it comes to disparaging Beck. He has routinely reduced Beck's warning about Islamic groups and the emergence of a global caliphate as nothing more than the "incoherent" ravings and "conspiracy theories" of an alarmist.

Media Matters' Will Bunch went on the record claiming that some who gave Glenn Beck's "Caliphate

speech on a street corner" would be probably be "involuntarily committed."

Senator John Kerry, after meeting with incoming president Morsi, warned Congress not to "pre-judge" the Brotherhood.  “In our discussions, Mr. Morsi committed to protecting fundamental freedoms, including women’s rights, minority rights, the right to free expression and assembly, and he said he understood the importance of Egypt’s post-revolutionary relationships with America and Israel,” Kerry said of the Muslim Brotherhood member and president-elect.

“Ultimately, just as it is anywhere in the world, actions will matter more than  words.”

Of course, MSNBC anchors like Chris Matthews and even slightly less-left leaning CNN anchors of late have seemed to stress that Egypt's new president is no longer part of the Brotherhood. Likewise, CNN's "Reliable Sources" host Howard Kurtz and National Review editor Rich Lowry have both reduced his concerns over Islamism as merely hyperbole.

And of course a review of who failed to accurately profile the Muslim Brotherhood would not be complete without mentioning James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence under the Obama administration, who declared boldly that the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the religious connotation in its very name, is "largely secular."




Beck noted that while many of those mentioned above are often on the right side of issues, extreme caution must be taken when weighing their opinion, as when they are wrong, the results could be severe.

This is perhaps best illustrated by the clear signs in place that indicate the Muslim Brotherhood already spells trouble. Beck alerted the audience that President-elect Morsi was once hailed the

"executor" of the Muslim Brotherhood's platform and his first active role was part of an anti-Zionist committee. He was also in favor of barring women and non-Muslims from the presidency and said he would implement Shariah Law.

Morsi stated that he seeks to establish an "Egyptian renaissance with an Islamic foundation" and to make matters worse, reports indicate that the incoming president is already reconsidering his country's peace treaty with Israel while strengthening its ties to Iran. He is also allegedly planning to do away with film and artistic heritage, replace uniforms with Islamic garb, make Quran memorization of the Quran a prerequisite in school and replace the national anthem with one from the Islamic caliphate. Lastly, Beck indicated that an Islamic media organization would be required to disseminate "Islamic heritage" only.


The facts often speak for themselves, and in this case, the Muslim Brotherhood has too, and in its own words.

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