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Who loses, really, if Abby Huntsman becomes a Democrat?


Trick question. There is no answer because nobody's thinking about Abby Huntsman.

But while we're on the subject, Abby, daughter to former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, made an appearance on Current TV last night to talk about politics how badly her dad has been treated by the Republican Party.

"He was supposed to speak at a fundraiser in Florida," Abby said, "and the RNC contacted him and said, because you were speaking out for the need for a third voice, you’re no longer invited to represent us at the fundraiser."

When Current Host Jennifer Granholm suggested Abby "join the Democratic Party," she answered, "I will join you there. I will join you."

Later, Abby told The Daily Caller this was just some light girl talk. You know how it is. "I’ve always been a Republican, but like many Americans right now, I feel without a home this election cycle," she said.


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