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This is what it's like to sit in the hair-and-makeup chair at Fox News


Author Liza Munday writes in The Atlantic about her experience with a makeup artist before appearing on Fox News:

“I see that you like a natural look,” a Fox makeup artist said to me, then proceeded to paint a red line slightly outside the edge of my lips, and fill it in with ample gloss. A stylist curled my hair and teased it; when she asked if I wore it flipped up or under, I said under. She flipped it up, venturing that “up is cuter.” Other artists told me that if network executives don’t like what they see on a guest, the phone rings promptly.

The "look" Fox gives its female guests, anchors and contributors before they go on air is apparently a real topic of discussion in TV news. In Munday's article, several adjectives were used by producers and artists to describe it, including: "pageant queen," “glamour nighttime” and “Fox glam.”

[The Atlantic]

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