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Caption that photo!: the winner

via Instagram.com/oprah

via Instagram.com/oprah


Doggy bag.-- biohazard23


"What do you MEAN it can’t fit under their seats? What do I pay you people for?!"-- FungalWarrior

"Just got in my new case of race cards!”-- damnyoumaggot

“It’s Stedman – he travels with the luggage.”-- woodyee

After calling many people who criticize President Obama racist, Oprah is given her office at the White House back. Here we see her moving back in.-- Publius Duo

"Got my breakfast burrito!"-- libzrloserz

"Mike Tyson suggested I take up boxing."-- DZ-015

"How do you like my new handbag? I got it for only $10,000!"-- Bohump


"I pack my own lunch."-- Cosmos101

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