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Church Claims Stunning Miracles Are Connected to Image of Mary and Jesus That Mysteriously Streams Myrrh


"...how can you fake that?"

There's an alleged phenomenon unfolding at a Hawaii church, where parishioners believe that two separate icons -- a painting and a cross -- are both miraculously producing myrrh, a nicely scented substance that comes from trees.

The image, known as Iveron Icon of the Holy Theotokos, depicts Mary and baby Jesus and is described by KITV-TV as producing "small drops (of myrrh) that smell like roses." The outlet reported that Holy Theotokos of Iveron Russian Orthodox Church in Honolulu believes that the substance's presence is miraculous.

While some might dismiss claims that the mysterious myrrh is evidence of divine intervention and assume that there must be a scientific explanation, the congregation is convinced that something supernatural is at play.

"Drops that appear like dew, like dew on grass," Father Anatole Lyovin, the church's leader, told KITV-TV. "A drop appears here, a drop appears there. And it starts flowing down. So, how can you fake that?"

The image is a reproduction of another painting that is also said to bleed myrrh.

"The Honolulu icon is an exact replica of a Montreal version, which streamed myrrh for fifteen years (1982-1997) and was cared for by Brother Jose Muñoz-Cortes," The Huffington Post reported. "On the fifteenth anniversary of Brother Jose's death, the Honolulu icon started producing its myrrh."

Faith leaders and the congregation believe that Munoz had prayed that Mary would bless Holy Theotokos of Iveron Russian Orthodox Church -- and that the request is now being honored.

Lyovin even said that the myrrh helped cure a young girl's brain tumor after the church anointed her with it. Additionally, he claimed that a California man was cured of partial blindness when he encountered the painting.

Now, after allegedly going blind in one eye, that man can purportedly see with 20/20 vision.

The painting is not housed at the church, as it is kept carefully protected. It does however travel quite a bit and is a well-known fixture in the Russian Orthodox community.

A cross on an altar inside the church is also said to stream myrrh.



Featured image via KITV-TV


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