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Map Shows You Where You're Most Likely to Get Struck by Lightning


Find out which state is the "lightning capital" of the U.S.

If you had a fear of getting struck by lightning, you might want to avoid Gwinnett County, Ga.

According to a Google map featuring data compiled by the University of South Carolina's Spatial Hazard Events and Losses Database for the United States and the U.S. Geological Survey, this county  had 87 lightning strike incidents from 1995 through 2009, six of which were fatal. Broward County, Fla., might have had three less total incidents, but of its 84 lighting spatial hazard events during this timeframe 13 were deadly.

According to the National Weather Service, Florida is the "lightning capital" of the United States, and, in case you were wondering, the most popular time for lightning casualties is between noon and 4 p.m.

The interactive map, which is clickable by county, features not only a total number of reported strikes, but injuries, fatalities and the cost of damage done by the event. When considering areas to be extra cautious about lightning events, keep in mind that a significant portion of the counties on this map do not have the helpful data available.

The map, which was published by NGS, is a tool for emergency planners to improve preparedness and response.

(H/T: The Atlantic Cities via Time)

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