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This Oreo Robot Is Pretty Awesome


Custom Oreos? You better believe it.


It won't clean the dishes. It won't do the laundry, pick up your paper or DVR your favorite show. But this robot may just be your best mechanical friend in the house, because it will make you custom Oreo cookies.

w The robot video is more play than actual technology, but it mimics the trending vending Oreo showcase at SXBW (YouTube).

q It ... looks ... mildly appetizing? (YouTube).

We are guessing you can't buy this robot yet, but it's an awesome concept bot, based off of the Oreo trending vending showcase at SXSW, where visitors could make a selection via Twitter, and get a custom cookie.

"We have custom Oreo vending machines; what we're doing is we're tracking the top trends on Twitter, then we have an algorithm that converts those trends into custom cookie flavors and colors, so you get a custom taste experience."

w Oreo pitches the robot as the "home edition" of their Trending Vending campaign (YouTube).

w Just look at that cream-filled smile (YouTube).

But the creative video leaves Inquiring minds and Oreo fans hanging on some important details: how does the robot push the cream syringe/depressor down? Where do the other flavors come from?  But it's worth a watch below -- then check out the Oreo video from SXSW where they show off the real Oreo vending machines:


(H/T: Gizmodo)

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