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Which Gov't Agency Is Becoming an 'Organ to Play the Music of Karl Marx'?
Glenn Beck speaks about NASA on his radio program March 18, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Which Gov't Agency Is Becoming an 'Organ to Play the Music of Karl Marx'?

"[It's] a complete waste of resources."

Glenn Beck slammed NASA on his radio program Tuesday, saying it should be "defunded right now" and is being fitted into an "organ to play the music of Karl Marx."

Beck's ire centered around a study sponsored by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center claiming industrialized nations have created an unsustainable model doomed to implode, and the solution is to dramatically reduce resource consumption and income inequality.

"Do you see what this is?" Beck asked. "This is nothing more than our government spending money on bogus science ... being washed through [the Elsevier Journal's Ecological Economics]."

(Photo: Shutterstock/ Songquan Deng) (Photo: Shutterstock/ Songquan Deng)

Beck said the purpose of the study is "to tell you that you have to have a global structural change away from capitalism," and for the government to be able to say "we told you" down the road.

"Collapse is coming, guys, but it has nothing to do with the world's resources," Beck warned. "It has everything to do with being unhinged from reality. It also has everything to do with the coming technological storm."

Beck referenced a graph of the U.S. stock market compared to GDP, noting that while the latter "falls off a cliff," stocks continue to go up.

"This is NASA," Beck said. "When we saw that NASA's main mission was changed from exploration to telling the Muslim world how great they are, we should have called for [the dissolving] of NASA. That's not something I call for lightly, but shut it down. Shut it down. What the hell are they doing?"

Back in July of 2010, Charles Bolden said Barack Obama charged him with three things when he became NASA administrator, the third and "perhaps foremost" of which was finding a "way to reach out to the Muslim world and ... help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering."

Beck added that enterprises like Virgin Galactic are making remarkable advances in the field of space travel, and said we simply "don't need" NASA anymore.

"[It's] a complete waste of resources," Beck said. "This is taking NASA, and trying to fit them into an organ to play the music of Karl Marx. That's all this is. NASA should be defunded right now."

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