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Student Absolutely Flummoxed by College Adviser's Reaction When He Walked Into Her Office: 'Oh My God



Image source: Twitter

Kennesaw State University student Kevin Bruce had a couple of questions for his exercise science adviser, so he dropped by her office at the Georgia school Wednesday despite not having made an appointment.

Once in the office, Bruce said he was told his adviser was busy and that he should complete a form and come back in an hour. When Bruce said he'd rather wait, Abby Dawson was summoned.

Bruce's reaction? "Oh my God."

Image source: WAGA-TV

Claiming Dawson has an "attitude" based on previous dealings with her as an adviser, Bruce told WAGA-TV the wise move was pulling out his cellphone and hitting record.

The resulting video, which has gone viral, showed Dawson confronting Bruce and telling him that his desire to wait in the office constituted harassment.

Image source: Twitter

"Sitting here until somebody is available is harassing them," Dawson said on the clip.

Image source: Twitter

"I'm not harassing no one," Bruce is heard replying.

"You are," Dawson said. "You can fill out the form just like everybody else does." Soon she turned and walked away, saying she was calling security.

Bruce filed a complaint with the school, and Kennesaw State said it's investigating the incident.

Since Bruce posted the video on Twitter, others have hit the #itsbiggerthanKSU hashtag with complaints about Dawson, academic advisers at the school — and alleged racism.

Several observers said it's racist for a white woman to claim harassment against a black man who's simply sitting and waiting for questions to be answered:

Others disagreed:

Bruce himself said no racism was involved —

— he's just upset over what he sees as poor treatment of a tuition-paying student.

"I know you have to set up a meeting," he told WAGA, "but when you have a couple of questions, I feel like they could have took two minutes out their time to speak to me ... there's really no excuse for that."

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