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Why This Christian Leader Says Every Evangelical Absolutely Must Vote — Even If That Means Choosing the 'Least Heathen of the Two Heathen\


"Let God tell you who to vote for."

CBN News

Franklin Graham spoke out in an interview with CBN News this week, encouraging every evangelical Christian to vote in the general election, even if that means holding their noses and opting for "the least heathen of the two heathen."

Graham said during a sit-down interview with the outlet in Denver, Colorado, that he believes that there is a liberal wing of the evangelical community that is telling people, "If so-and-so wins or this person wins, don't vote'" — a sentiment that he flatly rejects.

"I'm just saying, I don't care who wins and who's out there, you have to vote," he told CBN News. "And I'm not going to tell people who to vote for, I'm not going to do that — let God tell you who to vote for."

Graham continued, "You may have to hold your nose, you may have to decide which is the least heathen of the two heathen."

Watch his remarks, during which he said that both the Republican and Democratic parties are "broken," below:

Graham made these comments as he was in Denver on his “Decision America Tour” — an effort that brings him to state capitols around the country to speak to large crowds about faith and politics.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Graham said during his address at Colorado's state capital on Tuesday that America “is really at a moral tipping point” and warned of what will happen if people refuse to turn out and vote.

“Today I stood on the Capitol steps in Denver, Colorado, and over 4,200 people came out – energized and ready to see change come to America by praying and by voting,” Graham wrote in a Facebook post earlier this week. “Our nation is really at a moral tipping point.”

He continued, “If we just stay home, we’re going to lose this country and we will only have ourselves to blame.”

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