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Pennsylvania family battles insurance company after being forced out of their home by a skunk

Image source: KDKA-TV

A Pennsylvania family has been forced out of their home by a skunk, according to KDKA-TV.

The Gray family said that a few weeks ago a skunk got into their home and fought with their dogs. The skunk’s spray reportedly damaged their entire home.

“I’m ruined,” homeowner Scott Gray told KDKA, saying that the ordeal caused $300,000 in damage. “I have a roughly 4,000-square-foot home that is not worth crap. I’m almost better off not paying the mortgage and walking away.”

“The smell will not go away,” he said.

But days after their insurance company told them that they were covered, they received notice that they are not.

“Something with skunk spray is a pollutant and not a bodily fluid,” Gray said. “The denial letter had the chemical breakdown of skunk spray.”

Nationwide Insurance declined to comment on an ongoing case to KDKA but acknowledged that the Gray family’s case is under review. The outlet reported that an insurance adjuster and a lawyer are also looking into the case.

The family has been forced to move to an apartment while they wait for a resolution.

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