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Commentary: No, Hillary. Civility does not begin when Dems win elections. It begins now.

(Getty Images / Hannah Peters / Staff)

Last week during an interview, Hillary Clinton said that civility can begin when Democrats win back the House and/or the Senate.

Let's refresh her memory.

Within the last two years:

  • We witnessed an assassination attempt on GOP congressmen during a congressional baseball practice by a Bernie Sanders supporter.
  • We've witnessed senators who supported Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh doxxed.
  • We saw a video of a pro-life activist physically attacked on a sidewalk.
  • We witnessed a man kick a pro-life activist in Toronto, Canada, who was later arrested.
  • We read the reports about Bret Weinstein, a beloved evolutionary biologist who refused to comply with "A Day of Absence" at Evergreen State College in Washington and was chased off campus for doing so.
  • We've seen the video of Antifa in Portland, Oregon, violently shouting down an innocent North Carolina driver and directing traffic while the mayor surrendered all law and order.
  • We saw a video of Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife chased out of a restaurant in Washington D.C.
  • We saw how Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were barraged with insults by leftists outside of a breakfast joint in Washington, D.C.
  • We saw a CNN contributor say, "Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read" while host Don Lemon laughed.
  • We saw the left completely disregard due process as they smeared a judge and his family without a shred of substantial evidence.
  • We witnessed a leftist threaten to slash Steven Crowder's tires in a Facebook post.
  • We saw a late night comedy show writer publicly state that whatever happened to Brett Kavanaugh, she was just glad they ruined his life.
  • We saw a video of Eric Holder encouraging Democrats to "kick" Republicans "when they go low."
  • We've heard Maxine Waters say she "[threatens] Trump supporters all the time."
  • We witnessed a Canadian TV writer threaten Donald Trump Jr's daughter on Twitter.
  • And we all heard Samantha Bee call Ivanka Trump a "feckless c**t" on TBS for not supporting the left's stance on immigration.

I can go on.

So my question to you Hillary, is how can you say that civility begins when Democrats win back the House and/or the Senate and that all Republicans "recognize and respect is strength"?

Civility cannot come after Democrats win elections. Civility is long overdue and it's a dangerous idea to entertain given recent events.

 Jesus said, “To live by the sword is to die by the sword” in the Gospel of Matthew. One who is violent should always expect a violent response and this very proverb is what inspired Martin Luther King Jr.'s principles of nonviolence.

Rosa Parks, Barea College, and Mahatma Gandhi are all examples of how to challenge ideas or policies we strongly disagree with by means of civility. The difference between these principled historical figures and one historical college is that they didn't wait for the perfect moment in which civility could be deployed. They realized early on that civility was more effective than violence.

The truth is that the mainstream media and universities have sowed a division that isn't as prevalent as they claim it to be.

While they're focused on the small percentage of radical progressive ideas, nearly 80 percent of Americans think political correctness is a major problem.

And the "woke" class will also conceal the fact that nearly 74 percent of young people between ages 24 and 29 aren't exactly thrilled with political correctness either. Or, that political correctness makes them uncomfortable.

They also won't tell you about the 80 percent of Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asians who think political correctness is just plain nonsense despite the fact that it's magnified in every gender studies classroom to the nth degree.

The same study also found that only 8 percent of the population are radical progressives. But again, it doesn't fuel a divisive narrative so don't expect it to make it to primetime news.

All this is to say that the media won't find common ground for you. You'll have to find it yourselves.

Civility won't always be reciprocal and it's something we should prepare for. As we've seen on college campuses, a monolithic thought has a stranglehold on young people and it's up to us as conservatives to lead this tall order.

Look to Dave Rubin who has invited those with varying ideologies and beliefs onto his wildly popular YouTube show, "The Rubin Report."

Look to NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch who sat down with a group of emotionally charged teenagers and parents following the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in what was clearly a discussion rigged against her from the get-go by CNN.

Nonetheless, she was willing to have that tough conversation among a majority of people who vehemently disagreed with her stance on guns and everything she stood for.

Look to Glenn Beck who has called on civility and principles relentlessly at all costs and who continues to lend his platform to those with opposing viewpoints whether they accept the invitation or not.

Look to Ben Shapiro who is open to talking to those on the other side who are genuinely seeking progress, unity, and understanding.

Look to yourselves.

So, civility has begun Hillary. Americans are just waiting for you to meet us halfway.
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