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How does petty leftist Kathy Griffin get back at pro-Trump citizen who called her 'despicable'? By reporting citizen to FBI.
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How does petty leftist Kathy Griffin get back at pro-Trump citizen who called her 'despicable'? By reporting citizen to FBI.

Hecklers beware! The skin is thin with this one.

Left-wing celebrities typically ignore Twitter posts criticizing them. After all, who really cares, and who has the time?

But Kathy Griffin apparently is still living life on the D-list — and would appear to have plenty of free space on her calendar to joust with regular folk.

What happened?

Danielle McCarty – aka "Muscle Mommy Fit" and "Fit Patriot Mom" online – blasted Griffin on Jan. 9 as "despicable" for tweeting an image with a plastic severed head that looked like former President Donald Trump and the message, "Just resign now. You lost. It[']s over," LGBTQ Nation reported.

Regarding that severed head image, who can forget Griffin posing with a bloody, decapitated Trump head during a 2017 photo shoot, after which she apologized in the wake of massive backlash? The stunt earned her a visit from the Secret Service. Later that year Griffin took back her apology.

Anyway, Griffin apparently deleted her tweet that angered McCarty — but the Trump-hating comic wasn't about to endure criticism from the all-powerful "Fit Patriot Mom" without fighting back in front of her 2.1 million followers:

"Oh, you shouldn't have tagged me," Griffin tweeted back at McCarty. "You were there on Jan 6. You pulled your video, but I found it. Looks like you're a domestic terrorist and now we all know it, @musclemommyfit."

By "there," Griffin meant the Capitol riots.

LBGTQ Nation said someone then sent Griffin an archived copy of a video McCarty posted to Parler showing her in front of the Capitol wearing a red "TRUMP" hat.

With that, Griffin tweeted the following:

"Hi Danielle. @musclemommyfit," Griffin began. "What's that you called me, again? Ah yes, the despicable Kathy Griffin. Well, the FBI now has this video, as well as the other ones you're featured in."

Here's one of the clips:

Danielle McCarty at Capitol insurrectionyoutu.be

"We got teargassed when we were in the middle of a prayer," McCarty said in the video. "We weren't even trying to rush the cops or anything. We were kneeling down and praying."

Of course, there's no evidence from the above clip that McCarty entered the Capitol — she's merely standing outside.

But was Griffin done? Not a chance. After all, she had to utterly vanquish a woman who dared call her "despicable." So Griffin dug into McCarty's Instagram and tweeted images from it:

What now?

McCarty's Twitter account – @musclemommyfit – has since been deleted, LBGTQ Nation reported, adding that her Instagram account is now private.

Griffin, on the other hand, still appears to be in a lather over McCarty's insolence, posting another tweet with other social media addresses where she says McCarty can be found.

Anything else?

As readers of TheBlaze know all too well, Griffin's Trump hatred — even beyond the severed head deal — is legendary:

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