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AOC blames a ‘far-right propaganda machine’ for her image problems. Maybe she’s her own worst enemy

Conservative Review

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is out with a new conspiracy theory, this time blaming conservative media for her pitiful approval ratings.

In a tweet sent out Thursday, the freshman congresswoman implied that some recent negative polling numbers were the result of “concerted far-right propaganda machine with a whole cable news channel, and a dark-money internet operation” that is “dedicated to maligning” her. OK.

This isn’t AOC’s first bad poll, either. Numbers from earlier this month showed her under water with her fellow New Yorkers following her job-killing fight with Amazon.

Of course, this latest excuse just sounds like AOC channeling HRC herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Who can forget that infamous moment during the 1998 Lewinsky scandal when Hillary Clinton blamed all of her husband’s PR troubles on a “vast, right-wing conspiracy?” In reality, committing adultery with an intern in the Oval Office and getting impeached for perjury are pretty big deals all by themselves.

Likewise in this case, while she blames her image problems on the existence of conservative media, it’s worth considering that a far-left, inexperienced yet high-profile radical congresswoman can make herself a PR lightning rod by her own actions. Those actions have thus far included (but are not limited to):

Those things are newsworthy all by themselves.

Sure, let’s imagine for a moment that maybe AOC’s negative image is solely the result of a conservative media conspiracy to tear down a 29-year-old socialist former bartender who managed to unseat a veteran Democrat and get herself elected to Congress.

Nah. It’s just her.

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