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Cruz: 'Texas spirit of determination ... will guide us forward'

Conservative Review

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Senator Ted Cruz has thanked local and state leadership for their preparedness and response to the storm and local heroes for their rescue efforts.

In an email press statement, Senator Cruz said that blocked roadways will prevent him from joining Governor Greg Abbott, R, and Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, with other elected officials in Corpus Christi later today.

“I am grateful for the leadership that our local and state officials have shown in the preparation and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey,” Cruz said. “While we have yet to see the full impact of the storm, there is no doubt that the thoughtful coordination of Texas elected officials and their counterparts at all levels have helped mitigate the devastation we have seen. And I’m thankful for the assurances from President Trump and Vice President Pence that full federal assistance stands at the ready once we begin the recovery and rebuilding process.”

Cruz said his and his wife Heidi’s prayers were with those impacted by the storm. He also urged Texans to listen to the warnings from local officials as floods continue to ravage the Houston area and thanked the heroic men and women working to rescue those trapped by the floodwaters.

“We are immensely thankful for our first responders, in Texas and from across the country, who continue to risk their own safety to help those in need of rescue. And for the thousands of private citizens who have pitched in to help, whether by offering a boat to rescue those stranded, giving needed supplies to local shelters, or donating to charities who are housing and feeding the displaced.”

According to the Washington Post, police say that some 2,000 people had been rescued by Monday morning, with many others still in need of assistance. Continuing flooding is expected to force more than 30,000 people from their homes.

Almost three feet of rain has fallen on the Houston area, and more is yet to come. Senator Cruz said that there will be a “long road” to recovering from the damage.

“We have a long road to recovery before us, but as always the Texas spirit of determination, generosity, and perseverance will guide us forward,” Cruz said. “We see the best of Texans in our times of need and today is no exception. I am so incredibly proud to call Texas and Houston home. We will come together, and we will recover and rebuild, as we always have.”

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