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WTF MSM!? NEW O’Keefe video unmasks MORE NY Times bias

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Gray Lady unmasked …

O’Keefe strikes again … James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas just struck again. In the third part of his “American Pravda, NYT” series, O’Keefe released video of a senior staff editor of the New York Times admitting that Times journalists wrote what they deemed negative stories about President Trump and Vice President Pence during the election in order to sway voters. Watch the full video here.

Driving policy changes at the Times … The Project Veritas investigations have caused the Times to alter its social media policy. In a nutshell, the Times told newsroom employees — even those who don’t cover politics — that they should not share personal opinions on their personal social media accounts. This was met with derision by journalists at other publications. O’Keefe’s exposés moved them in this direction. I have a concern, though; this reeks of the Times trying to hide the bias of journalists. Isn’t it better that with transparency, we knew of their bias?

Note the Pence stuff … In the video, the Times employee showed particular venom for Vice President Pence, saying that he was “very religious,” as if that were a slur. That sentiment has been a growing theme in the commentariat lately on the Left. National Review’s Jim Geraghty went through it in his daily email yesterday.

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