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WTF MSM!? Twitter suspends Steven Crowder for undercover LGBTQ video

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“Hateful conduct” …

Crowder suspended … Last night Steven Crowder uploaded a portion of his CRTV show “Louder with Crowder” to social media, including Twitter. The segment focused on an undercover turn by a show intern, who crashed an LGBTQ meetup at SXSW. Crowder’s tweet text accompanying the video said:

New MEGA-VIDEO up! HIDDEN CAM: Intern Crashes LGBTQ #SxSW Meetup! #LwC #MugClub Watch Now ==>

For that tweet, Crowder got a 12-hour suspension from Twitter. The video was edited to attempt to conform to Twitter’s standards and uploaded again. For that, Crowder’s account has been suspended from Twitter for seven days. LwC team member Courtney Kirchoff has all the details about what has happened. A #FreeCrowder campaign has been started on Twitter to get the suspension overturned.

The Khan effect … Coincidence or not? The undercover video that got Crowder suspended was filmed at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Yesterday at that same conference, London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave a speech calling on tech companies to censor what he termed hateful content. Khan read a series of racist tweets aimed at himself. Step back and think about what Khan did. The mayor of the capital of the United Kingdom, the home of Magna Carta and the notion of individual liberty, has used the power of his government office to press for the censoring of speech. That’s obnoxious. Then a few hours later, one of those tech giants banned Steven Crowder for content they don’t approve of.

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