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Former Charlie Sheen Intern Trades Warlock for Obama Campaign



After a week of news relating to carnage, destruction, inflation, taxes and general despair, we thought we'd bring some much needed levity to the equation.

As it turns out, Charlie Sheen's former intern is ditching his resident "warlock" in lieu of what he must think is a "winning" proposition -- that is, join the Barack Obama reelection campaign.

Sheen’s former intern, Josh Burstein, is leaving his position within Sheen's bizarre world,"tiger blood" in tow, for the president’s campaign, Politico reported.

The actor tweeted Friday: “My Intern has left the building… Congrats on the new gig!”

Burstein replied: "thank you for the well wishes, t’was an honor to serve! Taking an ample supply of #tigerblood to #WINsconsin for @BarackObama.”

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