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Gangnam Style' Video Earns $8 Million in Ad Revenue on YouTube


South Korean rapper PSY, who sings the popular "Gangnam Style," performs during his concert in front of Seoul City Hall in Seoul in October 2012. (Photo: AP/Hye Soo Nah)

It had been estimated before that the world famous South Korean rapper Psy -- well-known for his viral sensation "Gangnam Style" -- had earned millions on YouTube in advertising revenue. But Google's fourth quarter earnings call this week confirmed how much the song generated.

The YouTube video for "Gangnam Style," which has more than 1.2 billion hits and became the most viewed on the video sharing site last year, earned $8 million, based on third party estimates, Google's Nikesh Arora said on the call.

Now, as pointed out Psy doesn't get all this money. YouTube keeps about half, meaning Psy would have earned around $4 million. Still, $8 million in total means that the song generated about $0.65 per play, noted.

You can help earn it even more money by watching  it again (or for the first time if you haven't already):



(H/T: SlashGear)

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