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Greta Van Susteren responds to Trump’s claim that media is an ‘enemy’: ‘Mr. President, back off’

Image source: MSNBC

MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren on Monday addressed President Donald Trump’s claim that the media is an “enemy of the American people.”

Trump recently took to Twitter to name outlets he considers enemies of the American people and purveyors of “fake news.”

Van Susteren criticized both Trump and the media, arguing that the "war" between them is "out of control" and "dangerous." She said both sides need to do a “self-examination.”

She said that journalists need to be responsible and accurate in their work.

“We should forever be doing a vigorous self-examination of how we do our jobs, because getting it wrong or exaggerating just is not an option,” Van Susteren said.

Van Susteren said that Trump has a responsibility to be accurate when he speaks to the American people as well, and not to generalize the whole media.

“Mr. President, back off,” she said. “You likewise need to do a self-examination. You need to get it right too.”

She said inaccuracies in the president’s “reckless tweets” have serious serious consequences and that it is “dead wrong to rev up your loyal base with incorrect, generalized, and wide-sweeping inflammatory statements about the entire media.”

Other members of the media have criticized Trump’s tweet, including Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who argued that the claim “crossed an important line.”

(H/T Mediaite)

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