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Glenn Beck: Donald Trump dismisses seventeen of our intelligence organizations

Glenn Beck

Glenn and his team discuss Trump's disregard for the CIA findings that Russia hacked into the 2016 election.  Reports are out on individuals who were identified with connections towards the Russian government, provided WikiLeaks with the hacked emails from the DNC and an unconfirmed belief that the RNC may have been hacked as well.

With all of this information, is it the biggest story of the last decade? In answer to this Glenn responds, "This is the biggest story since the end of the Cold War. This has never happened before in our history. Any other time but this time, this would have been front page, everyone would have been up in arms."

Glenn explains how alarming and horrible it is to have someone like Vladimir Putin hacking into our election process. Regardless of this Trump would have won, but this breach of information still needs to be addressed.

Glenn poses the question, "For Donald Trump to dismiss 17 of our intelligence organizations, does anybody feel safer?"

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