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Glenn Beck urges liberals not to repeat his mistakes in opposing the incoming Trump administration

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck once again urges liberals not to "make the same mistakes (he) did" during Obama's presidency — namely, decrying the ruling party with alarmist language and personal attacks. He clarifies that his views on Obama and progressive policies haven't changed, but that he wishes he had expressed those views differently.

"It's not what I said, it's how I said it many times," Glenn says. "And it makes people feel horrible, and it makes them want to strike back."

Glenn's recent series of interviews with left-leaning publications like NPR and Rolling Stone were intended to spread this conciliatory warning, but Glenn believes those interviews were edited to obscure his message and demonize him. Nonetheless, he continues to preach understanding and compassion for the other side of the political aisle.

"What were you calling people on the Right?" Glenn asks liberals. "You first called us racists, then we were McCarthyites, then we were on a witch hunt, then we were crackpots, conspiracy theorists. ... Now you're on the other side of it, and you're doing the same thing I did."

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