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All Is Revealed: What Is Life Like As an Intern With 'Obama for America'?

"You are so valued by the team here"

It is well-known that America's youth form a significant percentage of the president's voting base, whether they are fresh out of the Ivy Leagues or out protesting Wall Street (or a combination of both, as has been known to occur).

So what is life like as an intern with Obama for America, the closest most students can get to being an employee of the president's re-election campaign?

"Even though you have 'intern' on your name tag, you're a lot more than that," a man called Rafi gushes in a promotional video uploaded to YouTube Monday.

"You are so valued by the team here, and given real responsibility."

"You're really part of a cause that is larger than yourself," Jaha, another intern, continues, "and I feel like that every day I come here."

When asked what they have learned throughout the course of the internship, a stream of interns respond with things such as: communicating with people from different backgrounds, team-building, and time management.  Soon after, one of the interns warmly says they are all "one big family."

From there, the interns describe a speaker series that allows them to meet with senior staff members.

After flashing to an image of Stephanie Cutter-- who recently sent out an email urging Obama supporters to "report an attack" to the president's "Truth Teams"--  the clip transitions to David Axelrod humbly saying: "I always enjoy meeting with you guys, because you guys are a great inspiration."

After that, a prominently-featured intern named Katie describes how she actually got to meet the president, because she won a staff fundraising contest.

She recalled: '"I shook his hand and said, 'it's an honor to work with you, sir,' and he said, 'No-- thank you for everything you've been doing on this campaign.'"

"I would personally recommend this internship to other people because it's such a great opportunity to come and do something that is [going to] make a difference..." Jaha said, while another intern named Visraant declares: "If on November 7 we wake up, and we have a President Barack Obama for four more years, I'll feel so happy about it because I know that I had a part in it."

The video, which paints a idyllic picture of Barack Obama utopia, bears a stark contrast to last summer's promotional video, where the participants didn't smile nearly as much and didn't seem to have any of the same "perks," like having lunch with David Axelrod or the possibility meeting the president himself.

Which begs the question-- is the administration doubling its efforts to capture the youth vote?

Could this have anything to do with the fact that, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the unemployment rate for civilians between the ages of 16-19 is close to 24%, with a labor force participation rate of just 32.7%?  Or the fact that, as the target audience graduates, their prospects aren't nearly as limitless as they once imagined?

Watch the entire video and decide for yourself, below:

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