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Shots Fired: Armed Calif. Man Finds Home Intruder Crawling Through the Doggy Door


A home intruder found himself in a very vulnerable situation during an early morning burglary attempt in Lower Lake, Calif., on Sunday. More specifically, the would-be robber found himself face-to-face with an armed man who wasn't too happy about him trying to break into his home through the doggy door.

Multiple gun shots were fired by the resident of the home, though no one was hit by the bullets.

Deputies with the Lake County Sheriff's Office reportedly responded to a home invasion robbery call in Lower Lake at around 6:45 a.m. on Sunday.

The occupants of the home told deputies that they thought they heard someone breaking into the house through the doggy door. A male resident of the home got his gun and went to investigate the noise.

He found a man crawling through the doggy door in an attempt to gain entry into the house.

The resident was questioning the home intruder when he reportedly began lifting what looked like a firearm. The man fired twice at the criminal, sending him running for his life. He apparently did not hit the suspect.

The resident then saw a second suspect in the yard who he told police also appeared to have a firearm. When the second suspect raised the apparent weapon, the man fired two more times. He seemingly missed the other suspect as well as the local news reports incident that no one was injured in the incident.

More from the Lake County News:

According to the report, a set of keys found in the back yard fit an unfamiliar vehicle found parked at a nearby resident and while searching that vehicle deputies [discovered] the wallet of 36 year old Thomas Lee Sargent of Clearlake.

The following day, July 1, the LCSO Major Crimes Unit located Sargent and arrested him for burglary and conspiracy to commit a felony based upon his statements and evidence found at the scene.

Sargent was booked into Lake County Hill Road Correctional Facility.

36 year old Thomas Lee Sargent of Clearlake arrested for burglary Monday. (Lake County News)



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