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Limbaugh hasn't seen '12 Years a Slave' but knows 'the magic word' that got it an Oscar

In this Jan. 1, 2010 file photo, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference in Honolulu. (Photo: AP/Chris Carlson)

AP Photo/Chris Carlson AP Photo/Chris Carlson 

From John Travolta's introduction screw up to Jennifer Lawrence's arm flab, there's no shortage of opinions to have on Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony.

On his radio show Monday, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the "Best Picture" award, which went somewhat predictably to "12 Years a Slave."

"There's no way that movie wasn't going to win," Limbaugh said. "If it was the only thing that movie won, it was going to win 'Best Picture.' There was no way. It didn't matter if it was good or bad."

Limbaugh then admitted he hasn't actually seen the  movie, but said it didn't matter. "It was going to win," he continued. "It had the magic word in the title: 'Slave.'"

h/t Media Matters

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