Dave Chappelle says Louis CK masturbation allegations made him laugh: ‘Them women sound … weak’

Dave Chappelle says Louis CK masturbation allegations made him laugh: ‘Them women sound … weak’
Comedian Dave Chappelle (left) says he laughed at allegations laid against Louis C.K. (Getty Images)

Comedian Dave Chappelle took aim at allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against fellow comedian Louis C.K. — real name Louis Szekely — during a Netflix comedy special that aired Sunday, saying that he thought the circumstance was comical.

At least five women accused Szekely of sexual misconduct in November, including several allegations of public masturbation.

What are the details?

During the “Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation” special, Chappelle admitted that he found allegations against Szekely funny.

“I shouldn’t say this, but f*** it, [Szekely’s] allegations were the only one that made me laugh,” Chappelle quipped.

“It’s terrible, I know it’s terrible,” Chappelle continued. “I’m sorry, ladies … At the same time, you know what I mean … they took everything from Louis, it might be disproportionate, I can’t tell, I can’t tell, this is like where it’s hard to be a man.”

Singling out one of the accusers by her allegations, Chappelle joked that the woman in question had a “brittle spirit.”

“One lady said, ‘Louis C.K. masturbated in front of me, ruined my comedy dreams,'” Chappelle joked. “Word? Well then I daresay, madam, you may have never had a dream. Come on, man, that’s a brittle spirit. That is a brittle-a** spirit, that is too much, this grown-a** woman.”

Chappelle later criticized the group of women who made complaints against Szekely.

“Show business is just harder than that,” he said. “Them women sound … they sound weak. I know that sounds f***ed up, I’m not supposed to say that, but one of these ladies was like, ‘Louis C.K. was masturbating while I was on the phone with him.’ B***h, you don’t know how to hang up a phone? How the f*** are you going to survive in show business if this is an actual obstacle to your dreams?”

How did Szekely respond to the allegations?

Szekely apologized after the New York Times published the damning accusations against the comedian.

“These stories are true,” Szekely wrote in a statement. “I have been remorseful of my actions and I have tried to learn from them. And run from them. Now I’m aware of the extent of my actions.”

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